Driving around a magnificent wildness

Here’s a wheel cover that is pure genius, sent in by an alert reader. The money tagline is a bit hard to read so I’ll transcribe it:

“If you drive around a magnificent wildness in a 4 Wheel drive car, you will encounter a series of tensions and excitements far from your imaginations just like a cowboy who was bravely riding a horse.”

Lodio Drive

I know I should get over the R and L thing, but can’t help passing along little nuggets like this one. I suspect that this one may have been imported though.

Bordering on Zany

I started a new job in 2013 and have taken a few business trips around East Africa as a result.

One thing that I have discovered, is that while Tanzany is truly unique in some things, others appear more widespread. So I am starting a new “Bordering on Zany” series for things around the region that share in the spirit of Tanzany.

I thought I would kick this off with this firm from Kampala, Uganda which for some reason seems to be having some trouble penetrating the New York City market.

Shumuk Group of Companies, Kampala, Uganda

Shumuk Group of Companies, Kampala, Uganda