Help! I’m Trapped on a Desert Island and the Internet is NOT WORKING!!!

Day 7 of my captivity.  After a week without an Internet connection this week, I left the kids with the COPOTUS and headed over to the bar at the Colosseum Hotel.  (The décor of the Colosseum merits it’s own post which I will work on later.)

Two guys have been working on the Internet at our temporary quarters for most of the first week.  Even though I was pretty sure that wasn’t the problem, I had to let that play itself out before the front desk people would believe me that something else was going on.  They called in their IT vendor which turns out to be a guy of Indian descent on a motor cycle.  The first step in the repair process  was blaming my new laptop for being an Apple, blaming the Ethernet cable, and blaming my router for being a router.  After I pointed out that the issue was more likely related to the fact that nothing in our apartment could get an IP address regardless of what cable, OS or type of machine it was, he admitted that it may be something else.  So we waited a day to see if it would “clear” and when he came back, we all agreed that we could blame the hotel’s switch.  Thus far, I’d have to say that the experience was not dissimilar from phone based trouble shooting in the US, except I had the guy face-to-face.  So we’ll call that a slight net-positive.

So, now all we need to do is get the hotel to agree to replace the switch, find the new switch, and get it installed.  If all goes well, I’m expecting that we’ll be back in business sometime in Q4.