Travels in the Anti-Tanzany

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Mancation in Switzerland. (Photo by Doug Rathburn.)

For my birthday this year, Colleen graciously gave me a Mancation to meet up with my two buddies Paul and Luca in Geneva, Switzerland. After seven months in Tanzania, I was looking forward to seeing them … and to spending some time in the developed world. (Thanks to Colleen, Selina, and Tania for taking care of the kids to make the Mancation possible). 

Prior to my departure, Paul called Switzerland the “anti-Tanzany.” From my brief visit there, I think he’s right. I can’t imagine many other places that would be less like Tanzany. For example:

It was nice to spend some time back in civilization. But I did find myself missing some of the zaniness of our current home. After seven months in Tanzany, I have even come to enjoy some of the everyday craziness that passes for normal here.

But I have to tell you, it’s a lot easier to appreciate crazy when you have a chance to get away from it once in a while.