Yep, it’s expensive here


It really is expensive to live here. From “Dar Rents Highest in East Africa,” The Citizen:

Renting an 85m² (900 sqft) room in an expensive area in the city costs up to $2,711 (Sh4.3 million) a month, the highest compared with Nairobi, Kigali and Kampala.


An online survey-based cost of living calculator,, shows that a similar house in expensive areas will cost $1,247 in Nairobi, $1,182 in Kampala and $933 in Kigali.


“Dar es Salaam has a few planned areas which provide access to water, good roads and are less congested. Customers normally compete for a few areas and automatically raise charges in those areas,” says Sultani Mndeme, a real estate consultant with GimcoAfrica.

I knew it seemed expensive, but still two times the cost of Nairobi? Ouch.