Almost forgot the “Flying Forks”

In my previous post about Tanzany’s L and R confusion, I almost forgot to mention one of my favorite names I’ve heard here: the “Flying Forks” of Pemba island.

Pemba Island Flying Fork, Photo by E.Bowen Jones-FFI

We spent a great long weekend in Pemba last October, and the staff at the resort suggested a trip to see the flying forks several times. Apparently some of them can get quite large — 5 and 1/2 foot wing span. And, there is a real feel-good story from the late 80’s about how the Pemba residents decided to stop eating them and bring them back from the brink of extinction.

In the end we didn’t go, so unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of a flying forks sign. So please, if an alert reader out there makes it to Pemba and sees a sign, please take photo and send it along so I can post it to the blog.

Donkey trainer not included

Another email I wouldn’t expect to receive in the States. Recently sent to the Copotus:

Evening all,


We have a small family of donkeys that we are selling, mum, dad, and baby boy. They are in fantastic condition. We are asking $500 for the three together, and we also have a donkey cart which needs harnesses made, but comes from Europe. We are asking $1500 for that, but would sell the donkeys separately. We had hoped to use them for carrying veg crates around the farm, but the folk around here aren’t used to them so we haven’t managed to get a donkey trainer!