The Safest Form of Birth Control?

I’m traveling to Ivory Coast soon which requires a visa which you have to fill out on-line. I chuckled when faced with this drop down to describe my “Situation.”

Remember - you can only pick one.

Remember – you can only pick one.

(And no, I did not select celibate.)

I also had to chuckle at a typical circular logic moment in the process. To apply for the visa, you need to upload a copy of your flight itinerary. But to book your flight, South African Airways require you to show proof that you have a visa.

It is solved the same way so many things are here — pretending not to notice. The airline gives you a confirmation (not truly a booking) which you upload. Then after you get the visa, you can go back to the airline and actually complete the ticket purchase. It makes no logical sense but as long as it works I guess people just keep doing it.

When I first moved here, this kind of thing would have really incensed me. Almost four years later, you just kind of smile and move past it.

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