Still Zany After All These Years

Yesterday marked three years in Tanzany.

Worried that I’m beginning to lose my eye for the craziness around me. Routinely make pedestrians jump out of the way when I drive on the side of the road on the way to school in the morning. Dinner table conversation doesn’t even stop when the power goes out and the house is pitch black. Handling large quantities of cash no longer disturbs me. In fact, just by eyeballing it I can usually pull exactly TZS 100,000 (about $60) out of stack of bills.

In the past week, I actually had a serious debate with a friend about whether a three-day sailing trip up the coast, over to Zanzibar and back really constituted a sufficiently exotic experience to justify using holiday time for it.

I no longer find the Indian Ocean freakishly warm. Rather, the Pacific Ocean seems intolerably cold. How do people surf in that? I mean even with a wet suit…

As we pass three years, we’re not sure how much longer we will be here. The COPOTUS is about to leave the party in June. We would like to stay for another year, but will need to find some different work arrangements to make that possible because this place is expensive!

So, not sure how much longer this blog will go on, either because we leave or because the zaniness begins to seem normal. But as long as I keep noticing stuff like this, I’ll keep posting it.

Christmas Tree, The Fairway Hotel, Kampla Uganda

Christmas Tree, The Fairway Hotel, Kampla Uganda

“Nice shopping bag – How’d they do?”

One nice thing about emerging markets is they tend to recycle everything.

Take, for example, this shopping bag used fora recent purchase of a printer cartridge.



And inside:


For what it’s worth, University of Dar es Salaam students Nancy Mbia and Ester Felician got a 4.5 score on their 14 September 2006 Physical Chemistry Practicals titled: “Conductimetric Deterioration of the Dissociation Constant for a Weak Electrolyte.” Good for you, Nancy & Ester!