HCTAHBP: Timber!


This guy cut down a beautiful old tree around the corner from my house, more or less by himself. So typical that they thought to have a safety rope to direct the fall of the branch. But not to put the lumberjack on belay.

We kept waiting to hear the scream and sound of a body, or limb falling. Fortunately, it never came.

HCTAHBP: Lumberjack standing HCTAHBP: Lumberjack cutting



Resolved: Be More Zany

The COPOTUS and I have been participating in a somewhat silly competition called the Whole Life Challenge. It’s a kind of silly spin on the whole Paelo diet thing but she joined a friend’s team and I signed up to lend moral support and lose a few pounds.

Part of the challenge starting today is to spend 10 minutes a day concentrating on “mindfulness.” After waiting through my several snide remarks, she suggested that I use it as a prompt to spend more time blogging. It’s a great idea — I have become distracted from it since getting a job earlier this year. I really do enjoy it, though, so this will be a good spur to get me back in the habit.

I wanted to start this up again on a serious note. Like many other expats in Dar, the horrible terrorist incident at the Westgate Mall in Nairobi really hit me personally. I didn’t really know anyone killed or injured in the attack, but I had met a really good guy who was gunned down holding his eight-and-a-half-month pregnant girlfriend. One of the founders of the company I worked for, had to go to the morgue to identify the body of his friend killed there.

I’ve been to that mall many times as have most other people who travel to Nairobi from Dar. That could have been me, my family, my friends — anyone who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. It had the same impact here as the terrorist attack on the Twin Towers and Pentagon on 9/11/2001. It was just such a tragic, awful, hateful act. The people who planned it deserve whatever bad things they have coming to them — in this life or the next.

My heart goes out to the people of Kenya and all other people affected by this attack. And I have the utmost respect for those people who kept things going through the attack. Like the director and teachers of the International School of Kenya who opened the school on Monday to help the students and teachers the death and injury of several of their schoolmates.

So, back to Zanyness tomorrow. But for now my heartfelt prayers and appreciation to all those fighting against the terrorist organizations that sponsor these kinds of attacks.