Beatings: not just for schoolchildren anymore

Prime Minister Mizengo Pinda (Photo by The Citizen)

I’m on vacation, but Tanzany is not.

Alert reader Eric has been watching the news and sent me this update on the corporal punishment movement from The Citizen. High level summary: beating the schoolchildren must be having such success that the politicians want to expand the program.

“All those who are breaking the law will be beaten, and I insist that they should be beaten,” [Prime Minister Pinda] said…

“When the state organs start to hunt down those who are behind the chaos people should not complain that we are using force,” the PM said.

However, Mr Pinda’s remarks did not go down well with Mr Khatib Said Haji (Konde-CUF), who said the statement was an affront to the Constitution, which provided that a person should be considered innocent until proven otherwise by a court of law.

But Mr Pinda said the Constitution referred to law-abiding people.

“What I alluded to are people who defy legal orders by the State. What do you do with such people?” he queried.

So let me get this straight. Protection under the constitution only applies to law abiding citizens. And citizens accused by the government of fomenting dissent, are by definition not law abiding. Riiiiight.

Its the same approach the local government took to the motorcycle taxis not too long ago. Caning teachers who are not working, however still appears to be off the table

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