And in Other News, Kenya Held an Historic Election

I almost spit my coffee when I saw the front page of today’s Daily News.

Were goin to Mars


Ok, who give’s a shit about the Kenyan election … Tanzanians went to Mars … What??

I’m tempted to scan the whole article, but I’ll just excerpt the best bits. (You can find the original article online here. As always, I have typed the article verbatim, typos and all.)

The Tanzanian twins who have made record for being the first ‘astronauts’ from Africa to fly to outer space and orbiting round Mars, the red planet, have just jetted back into the country…

Salvanus and Sylvanus will be special guests at the State House in Dar es Salaam this week when they meet President Jakaya Kikwete.

“The identical twins, in their early twenties, are both geniuses. There talents were discovered since childhood while at their home village of Arash in Loliondo Division of Ngorongoro District …

It is difficult to tel them apart, but one is taking engineering while the other studies medicine. And sure enough, during their stay in Arusha the medical doctor performed eight different surgical operations at Karatu District Designated Hospital within a day…

The Engineer reportedly can operate any piece of machinery after simply looking at it. He may not need its manual or directions. He can also take any complicated piece of technology apart and repair or reassemble it in a few minutes.

Their involvement in the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)’s exploration of the red planet (Mars) became an icing on the cake of their great achievements.”

I know what you’re thinking and yes, from the perspective of Tanzany, this is the biggest technological breakthrough since those scientists came up with the idea of putting cameras on top of rats heads.

And the average Tanzany man on the street is showing some justifiable pride. Deep down, I think, they are enjoying stealing a bit of the media spotlight that has been focused on Kenya for the past few months because of the presidential election. A close friend, who tipped me off to the article and shall remain nameless, reports:

The truly worrisome thing is that I showed it to one my most trusted employees (a journalist hired as a researcher), and he had no issue with it.  I think he was pleased to see that a couple of Africans had made it to Mars (to be fair, they only orbited — they didn’t actually land on the red planet).”

Truly, this was one small step for some twins … but one giant leap for the Tanzany kind.