Putting all the eggs in one basket

It turns out that Alaska Eggs (“Our Eggs are as fresh as they should” — should what?), are not the only ones using wacky marketing.

Example 1: Fresh Lay Eggs. After all, who doesn’t like a fresh lay?

Local Eggs, on the other hand, offer Real Yellow “yorks”:


In Tanzany, you can’t be afraid of breaking a few rules if you want to sell some eggs.

What’s in Alaska?

One of my favorite short story writers, Raymond Carver, wrote a story titled “What’s In Alaska?” Its a story about about two young married couples getting together to smoke pot and try to ignore the emotional emptiness of their lives. One of the women has a job offer to move to Fairbanks, and the other couple keeps asking “What’s in Alaska?”

This story has no connection to Tanzany that I know of, yet I found myself asking this question when presented with a couple of products using the Alaska name in their marketing:

Example one — any ideas why the eggs are “as fresh as they should”?

Example two: Pillows

I’ll keep my eye peeled for other Alask products to see if we can get to the bottom of this.

Forget “measure twice, cut once” … Just do it!

Suppose you were a fundi (handyman) in Tanzany. And suppose you did things half-assed. But I repeat myself … (Thanks, Mark Twain.)

This picture to me perfectly captures the culture of cutting corners here. Clearly someone didn’t do a proper measurement when installing the toilet since the other toilets in the row all fit into their stalls properly.

But it’s the solution to the problem that I love. The door needs to shut and it won’t clear the toilet? Presto, three cuts and you’re done. Brilliant!