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An alert reader pointed out this fantastic investigative journalism piece by no fewer than three reporters in yesterday’s The Guardian.

The piece ran as the above-the-fold front page story under a full 8-column headline, “Most banks without toilets.”

Interestingly the editors judged this piece more than ones on “65 percent of taxes disappear before reaching the government’ and the president’s speech inaugurating National Road Safety Week.

                                                                                          Photo by Zazzle

I’ll excerpt the best parts here:

“A cross-section of customers of finanical institutions, specifically banks, have expressed dismay at the lack of toilets for clients, saying it led to unnecessary inconveniences.

… A survey conducted by The Guardian in various banks in Dar es Salaam discovered that most of them lack washrooms for their customers and maintain toilets only for their staff.

…However [customer] Anne Koku disagreed with those who want banks to have public toilets, saying there was no need for them because most clients stayed for only a short time. ‘There is no need to toilets in banks. You just have to pee at home or pay for the service somewhere else,’ she said. According to Koku it often takes her about 10 minutes to complete her transactions in a bank hence there was no need for toilets.

… When contacted for comment, NMB communication manager Josephine Kulwa agree that his bank didn’t have toilets for customers. ‘Your survey is interesting, but there are no toilets for security reasons. That is why there are only staff toilets.

Efforts to reach top management officials to comment on the matter proved futile.”

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