Ask the Attorneys … About Your Bad Haircut

From Monday’s “Q&A with the FB Attorneys”:

I went to my barber and asked him to slightly trim my hair and moustache. He trimmed my hair too short and ended up cutting half of my moustache. I had no choice but to get the other half removed. When I threatened him with legal action he said I had no contract with him. I tried reporting it to the police who surprisingly refused to even record my statement. I am getting married soon and not sure if I should proceed with the ceremony. What should I do? – TP, Dar

Whilst we sympathise with you, we do not understand why you are unsure about getting married after this mishap at the barbershop; surely both your hair and moustache will grow back. We are also unclear as to what the connection is between your marriage and the haircut and cannot comment on whether you should or should not proceed with your marriage.

As for the police complaint, our opinion is that this is not a criminal matter … we believe that you can sue your barber under the law of contract … We did not find any local precedents on this and are unsure how far the Courts in Tanzania will entertain this matter.

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