A Year of Living Tanzaneously

Today is the anniversary of my arrival in Tanzany with kids and cat in tow. Many people have told us that it takes a full year to adjust to living here. That seems about right to me – things are certainly easier a year in than they were even after 8 or 9 months. 

It has been a year of ups and downs; it has not been easy. But we have had some really great experiences in Tanzania and met some fantastic people. I think the second year will be better than the first, especially if I get a job. (Which my “dependent spouse” visa explicitly prohibits, but more to come on that later.)

I’m beginning to adjust to the zaniness. For example, I wasn’t really surprised this morning when the police offer directing traffic at a major intersection simply wandered off the job leaving the cars to sort it out themselves. Annoyed yes, but not surprised. I gunned the engine and plowed a right hand turn through the intersection … just like all the other cars were doing.

But just when I think I’ve adjusted to life here, I see someone doing something that restores my “childlike sense of wonder” about the ‘zany. Like this HCTAHBP:


So I’ll promise to keep blogging if you will keep reading. It’s always a great motivation to hear from people reading the blog so please keep sending me your feedback.

Lots more to come in year 2.


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