Why Things Like the Ferry Accident Happen Here

Thanks to all of you who have checked in with us after the ferry disaster Saturday.  We’re all fine as are our friends, fortunately. One of our friends who works for the UN says that they believe that between 200 and 600 people may have died.

The ferry accident reminded me of an small news item from the paper earlier in the week:

The driver of a bus known as Champion, which overturned recently near Dodoma killing 84 people has been arrested and arraigned … [Police] Commander Zelothe Stephen said the same driver is on record as having caused another accident in December 2008 in which two people died. He was charged and sentenced to three years in jail with the option of paying a Sh2650,000 fine [US $177]. He is said to have paid the fine and was released.

“Escape driver nabbed, charged with 84 counts of causing death”, The Citizen, 6 September 2011.

So, in short, the driver of this bus killed two people, paid $177 to get out of his jail term, and continues driving. The surprising thing to me is that anyone is surprised that it happened again.

Can anyone be shocked that a ferry operator that has been cited three times before for overcrowding and unsafe operating conditions did it again?

Until this society begins taking human life more seriously, this kind of shit is going to keep happening.

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