Air Tanzania: “The Wings of Kilimanjaro”

When Donkey's Fly

I didn’t anticipate writing so many posts on Air Tanzania, but they just won’t let me leave them alone. (See: mascot, importance to national pride),

In a recent The Daily News article, “ATCL’s comeback amid new strategies to regain market”, I learned several interesting new facts about Tanzany’s flagship carrier.  To wit:

  1. They only have one airplane.
  2. The airplane has been stuck in South Africa since March 18, 2011.
  3. Apparently, no one thought to line up a replacement airplane during the maintenance window.
  4. Although there haven’t been any flights since March and the aviation market here is doing just fine, they hope to resume flights soon. (“Next month!”)
  5. There was some unpleasantness when the maintenance bill came due. (“It is understood that only threats that the aircraft would be auctioned off to recover the very substantial capital outlay incurred by the maintenance firm prompted Dar es Salaam to finally find the money to pay up.”)
  6. The CEO believes that this situation may necessitate some staff downsizing.

If there is a better way to blow $6 million per year, I can’t think of it … Unless  they hired the artist Christo to actually put an enormous pair of canvas wings on the sides of Mount Kilimanjaro as a publicity stunt.  That would be pretty cool.

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