Just thought I would let you know I find your blog very interesting. I’ve spent most of my life in Tanzania (all though I now live in Australia) and it’s really interesting seeing your views on life over there. I just got back from a holiday over there… my parents still live in Dar and your last post about the power being on for 24 hours was interesting, the power cuts were the most frustrating thing about being home this time was the power cuts as we live on the 7th floor of a building that side of things has been getting far worse rather than better over the nearly 20 years we have been living there.

Thanks for reading!  That’s an interesting journey — we lived in Melbourne when I was young and loved Australia.

We looked at one apartment on a seventh floor and decided not to do it because we figured the elevator would be out too much of the time.  It would be particularly tough to live in a high-rise in this town.

I think the power cuts have been getting worse — there have been daily articles about it this summer in the papers.  But it’s hard to tell if the politicians are just looking to gain some popularity from it or actually do something about it.  I found it interesting that when we went out of Dar last weekend to Kilwa, we didn’t see any power problems the entire weekend.  I wonder how much it is a problem for Dar and Zanzibar.

Did you go to IST when you lived here?  Our sons are in school there now.



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