Naming the Blog

In the beginning, there was a desire to write a blog.  Then there were six or seven weeks of thinking about what I would want to blog about.  And so I spent the time thinking and didn’t have to do anything.  And it was good.

But, I told enough people about it so now I have to deliver.  The toughest part about getting started was coming up with a name.  Then, on our last night in the US, Bob Bachle had a great insight: “The best thing about Tanzania is that it has the word “Zany” in it.   And I realized when he said it that he’s absolutely right – it’s bound to be zany.  Tanzany.

I mean how many other countries accidentally blow up an arms depot when they’re supposed to be decommissioning it?   More than you’d think, I bet.  Based on my time in Latin America, this kind of shit goes on all the time.  We just usually don’t pay attention to it in the US because we’re too busy following what Paris Hilton is doing or passing stupid legislation

But here’s the zany part that makes Tanzania special: they do it again a year-and-a-half later!  Near the same place!  Brilliant.  They’re like the comedian who tells the same joke so man times in a row that the audience has to start laughing at it.  So we have the Zany part.

The “Tan” part I liked because, first, that’s how Tanzania starts.  And second, in Spanish, which unlike Swahili I do understand, tan means very.  So “Tan-zany” must be a very zany place indeed.

So I had the name: “Adventures in Tanzany.”  Now we just need the country to live up to it.  But I’m not worried.  At the very least they must have a whole bunch of ammo dumps around the country that need clearing.

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